Tuesday 15 January 2013

How to use downtime positively

Using 'downtime' positively

So you've got no computer, no internet. What can you do?

Well the first thing to do is stay positive and use all the things you've forgotten about since you started relying on computers.

1) Get the pen/pencil out and the note pad and carry on writing! You can always type it up afterwards. If you don't want to continue writing your latest novel/article that's half finished on PC, then get those creative juices going and write the plot for your next book.

2) If you have a dictaphone then use that to get down some ideas.

3) Local libraries - are fantastic and if you can't do without feeling that plastic keyboard beneath those fingers, then use the library facilities. They normally have free access to computers so give it a whirl.

4) Grab a few books while you're at the library or take a trip to a book store. This is the opportunity to learn your craft or improve your writing, and I don't think it hurts to read different genres in your study.

5) Any novels/articles you're about to send out to publishers/agents - read through and polish.

6) Any writing workshops that are advertised, phone up and book in.

I'm sure there are more things you can be doing, but these are a good starting point. Just remember it's not the end of the world when your computer decides to collapse on you. In fact, it might be a refreshing change!

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